Transition Point

Commissioned to celebrate the opening of Great Hall, The Leys School, Cambridge, 2013

The title of this sculpture is inspired by the scientific concept of states of change: Transition Point - a moment in time when an entity changes from one state to another. It is also inspired by its location at, and within, this school: Transit - a passage or route.

It references the school’s pupils, their transition physically from class to class, place to place, and their transition from childhood to adulthood when ready to leave their time at The Leys. It acts as a pair of beacons from across the playing field to visitors who are making their way to the Great Hall and as a gateway for those who pass through it to and from the playing fields, like sentinels watching over this busy area.

It can also be viewed in terms of opposites: male/female, body/soul, nature/man-made, science/art etc. The mirrored faces hold the reflections of those whose stand between the two halves, with the presence of doorways or portals. You can view your own duplicated reflection as an act of unifying these two separated yet co-dependant bodies, the catalyst making the transition complete, a balance of essential opposites.

“ I see this as an enhancement of every aspect of school life – academic, artistic, scientific, and pastoral, and as a piece of art which will, in due course, become an iconic image in the minds of Leysians as they move through school and on through life". The headmaster Martin Priestley

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