Glorious Beauty

Commissioned by St Edward for the completion of Trinity house, 375 Kensington High Street, London

Glorious Beauty is a playful arrangement of natural forms in an urban environment. A man made celebration of nature’s beauty that echoes a piece of the natural world and represents innovation, technology and a fast changing world. The solidity of a large glacial boulder sitting in the urban world has a reassuring permanence to it. Seemingly weightless, balanced on the top of the boulder is a mirrored copy of its form in stainless steel. Simon digitally scanned the boulder and flipped its form to create a mirror image which reflects the size and intricate detail of the original. Standing almost as tall as a double decker bus, its presence is captivating. The surface of Glorious Beauty gives the impression of an endless state of flux, due to the ever-changing distorted reflections in it as people pass by.

Worn through the passage of time, the natural beauty of this glacial boulder contrasts with the urban environment. Balancing above the boulder is its digitally created counterpart, mirroring the prehistoric form and also the changing activity around it. The sculpture manifests both continuity and change.


“The unveiling of Glorious Beauty is a major milestone in the development of 375 Kensington High Street. We have worked tirelessly to deliver the highest levels of design and detail, selecting the best materials to create the finest finishes, and we have carried this through to our choice of public art, ensuring it is appropriate to one of London’s most sought after new addresses.” Paul Vallone, Executive Chairman of St Edward

"In brokering the relationship between Simon Hitchens and St Edward Homes, for this prestigious commission at the western entrance to Kensington High Street and the head of the development that will continue along Warwick Road, we have set the standard very high. It has been a pleasure to work with professionals who achieve high standards in both building and in the visual arts. Glorious Beauty draws on the history of the locality as well as being a sculpture of balance and contemporary vision."
Ann Elliott, Exhibitions and Visual Art Projects

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