From Dawn until Dusk

Commissioned by Bournemouth Borough Council as part of the Sea Road regeneration scheme at the entrance to Boscombe Pier. 2008

Drilled and split from one solid granite block weighing over thirty tonnes, the twin granite slabs stand as quiet sentinels overseeing the comings and goings at the sea front. The black and grey discs at the top of the slabs represent the sun and moon, facing east/west to accentuate this. The disc motif is echoed in the Pump Island opposite, creating a unity across this small but busy site. The terracing of both islands is designed to complement the white horizontal roofline of the listed Pier Entrance and contrast with the verticality of the sculpture.


“At Boscombe the sculptural elements conceived and realised by Simon have successfully transformed the approach to the pier and seafront, responding to the challenging nature of the site and harsh environment, to create a unique, distinct and practical piece of urban design.” Helen Middleton-Stewart Landscape Architect , Boscombe Seafront Regeneration Project 2008

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