I am currently working on a monumental landmark sculpture in Northumberland which stands 55m above the top of Cold Law, a small isolated hill in rural Northumberland. Imagine that a giant has taken a slice out of Cold Law and elevated it so that it points to the sun at its zenith on midsummer's day. Made from weathering steel, this material echos the rich industrial heritage of the immediate area whilst its form references the elegant design of a steam turbine blade, invented by the influential engineer Charles Parsons, a previous owner of Ray Estate where the sculpture will stand, it also perfectly matches the topographical shape of Cold Law.

Planning permission for the Elizabeth Landmark has been granted. We still have a long road ahead of us to make this contemporary sculpture come to fruition yet I am certain that when completed it will in time come to be seen as a valuable asset to the north east of England, as a cultural destination worth visiting on a global scale. The sculpture’s design acknowledges the past, respects the present and aspires for a better future. This is perhaps more relevant in the early part of the C21st than ever before.

“To have the opportunity to design a landmark sculpture to be placed in this raw and beautiful landscape is undoubtedly a challenge and a privilege that I wholeheartedly relish. The success of the sculpture will grow from a sensitivity to
land and place: born in form, material and presence from the majestic geography that supports it.“

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