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15th May

Deconstructing Wholeness 22   2017

I'm delighted to say that I will be exhibiting my series of drawings Deconstructing Wholeness for the first time as a cohesive group, at Kevis House Gallery.

This important body of work for me was a direct link between a series of sculptures I had been working on at the same time, and the subsequent durational day drawings I am working on now, so it is a real pleasure for me to be able to see all the drawings in one space at the same time.

The title Trace is not only descriptive of the act of making the drawing, the track or line left by my pen as its builds up the drawing, but also describes the minimal marks which record something that has previously existed, in this case the shadow of a rock which was placed upon the paper as the origin of the drawing.

Deconstructing Wholeness 19   2016

Working in series, I set up a system of prescribed rules where my hand became the objective tool to create the drawings. I was not focused upon an end result before I started, instead I let the system run until it was completed, and the drawing finished.

For all the drawings in this exhibition I have used humble pieces of Chert as the origin of the shadows which my set processes then explore further. These are common and unremarkable stones found in the fields close to my studio.

This series of drawings continues my fascination with rock as the material and conceptual backbone to my practice. It is a direct tool I use to create my work and by drawing it, in differing ways, I attempt to deepen my understanding of the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human, as a means of understanding our relationship with impermanence.

Deconstructing Wholeness 13   2015

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