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Beyond Body

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Solo exhibition - Beyond Body
Preview Friday 29th April 6-8 pm.
Exhibition runs 30th April - 26th May

This exhibition takes the notion that there is the possibility of a state or being, sentient or otherwise, that is post-human and explores this through a comprehensive body of work which questions differences between animate and inanimate. By working directly with rock and morphing that with the human body, I present a series of hybrid works – uncanny and speculative beings which seek to re-conceive the human. These works become zoomorphic reformations that display strange living qualities, visceral unions between rock and flesh that comprehend the geological world and the flesh world as united.

These sculptures, paintings and drawings investigate the essence of the things we perceive – the physical, natural world and our place within it. They seek to understand the sublime qualities of rock: physically as the very earth that supports us and geologically as the almost ageless constant that resonates through time, giving perspective to our transient lives on this planet. They ask: what makes a being sentient? Is a mountain or stone a being? What is it to be a thing, and can a thing be without necessarily being human?

‘I am fascinated by the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human, what passes and what outlasts, as a means of exploring our relationship with impermanence.’

Black Swan Arts
2 Bridge Street
BA11 1BB
T: 01373 473980

Open: Mon - Sun. 10am - 4pm


Thinking Beyond Rock

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23rd June

One Day 26219

This solo show at Cheeseburn combines all aspects of my practice: drawing, sculpture, film, photography and public art. Landscape is a clear theme which runs though the exhibition and in particular my ceaseless investigation with rock as a material and conceptual tool to explore the human condition. I am particularly pleased to be exhibiting for the first time, my day-long shadow drawings, pictured above. These have been made by continued drawing between sunrise and sunset. Other drawings and sculpture offer different ways to view this inanimate material and questions its interconnectedness with human kind. My large screened film Genesis will be viewing continuously, offering an immersive experience of landscape.

Themes of perception, duality, reflection and presence are continued in two large scale sculptures outdoors, in the beautiful grounds of Cheeseburn Grange.

Displaced Topography

As part of this exhibition I am displaying a working model and large scale images of my planned local sculpture Ascendant: The Elizabeth Landmark. The objective is to produce a contemporary landmark and cultural destination at Cold Law on the Ray Estate, which benefits the local community and economy, celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s services to the country and her life-long dedication to the Commonwealth. The success of the sculpture will grow from a sensitivity to land and place: born in form, material and presence from the majestic geography that supports it.

This exhibit explores how my public commissions are interconnected with my studio practice through materials and concepts, how I work across different mediums and scales to investigate our relationship to the planet we live upon.

I will be giving a talk about my work on the weekend of 6/7th July.

Elizabeth Landmark by Simon Hitchens

29th & 30th June, 6th & 7th July
11am - 4pm
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE18 0PT



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8th March
Known for its biennial festival of contemporary art made in response to the Isle of Portland, b-side never sleeps, holding events throughout the year at its project space - Outpost. This month at Outpost I will be showing my film Genesis, which explores ideas of what it is to be human and our relationship to the impermanence of life. To support the film I will also be showing new and experimental sculpture in wax and resin. These appear as rocks or cave-like voids, yet have a disturbing and uncanny similarity to flesh. There will also be drawings and works on paper, exploring further the theme of transience.

I will be talking about the work and the ideas behind it, at 7pm on Thursday 16th March, please come along. I'm afraid places are limited so you will need to book a free place HERE.
I shall also be at Outpost all day on 30th March if you wish to talk with me further about the work.

Touch Stones
16th March - 8th April
12pm - 5pm, Tues - Sat
77 Furtuneswell


Open Studio and Talk

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7th September 2014
In conjunction with Somerset Art Weeks I will be opening my studio and showing my latest work in its gallery. When deciding to open my studio (for the first time since building it) at the beginning of the year, I had no idea what I would like to exhibit, but was focused on experimenting with new ideas and possibly materials, as a challenge to myself and my work. As the months rolled out I found my interests both broadening and yet galvanising, and I'm now keen to see how the new work looks when exhibited, and what response it will get from its audience - not least a film piece which is certainly a new medium for me. As part of this experiment I shall also be giving a talk which will focus on my fascination with rock, in all aspects of my life, not just my work. This is possibly more of a gamble than exhibiting new work for the first time, but I'm fired up about bringing it all together on the night.

I think the text for the SAW brochure sums it all up pretty well:
'An experiment in form, material and thought: a sculpture installation centred on rock and the position it holds in our psyche. From pebbles to mountains, from deep time to now: a quest to find a balance between contemporary art and the sublime beauty of the natural world.'

Studio open: 11am - 6pm, Thursday - Sunday, 25th September - 5th October.
Talk 6.30 pm Saturday 4th October - no booking required.

Address: Croft Studio, Pound Lane, Buckland St Mary, Chard, Somerset, TA20 3SN mb: 07941 650164