Searching for Boulders

Friday, August 22, 2014 at 12:46PM
Private Commission

22nd August 2014:
Over the past few days I have been travelling hundreds of miles across Cumbria and North Wales in search of a boulder that will yield 3 x 1 x 1metres of clean material. This is a project for The Crown Estate's**** main office building in the heart of Picadilly.

Its been an interesting journey because whilst I was aware that there are an ever decreasing amount of indigenous quarries which can produce large dimensional stone blocks (blocks split or sawn from the quarry face, not blasted, such as aggregate quarries do, there by fracturing the rock), I am shocked to find that the number of remaining quarries are very limited indeed. This is all to do with economics - unfortunately for the quarrying industry of the British Isles, it is now so much cheaper to import foreign material.

However, I did find some very large boulders which may just provide the rock I need for my project. Here are a selection of images of those boulders.
1. Shap granite in Cumbria
2. a glacial boulder sourced from the edge of Snowdonia
3. a huge Basalt boulder from Gwynedd.