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15th May

Deconstructing Wholeness 22   2017

I'm delighted to say that I will be exhibiting my series of drawings Deconstructing Wholeness for the first time as a cohesive group, at Kevis House Gallery.

This important body of work for me was a direct link between a series of sculptures I had been working on at the same time, and the subsequent durational day drawings I am working on now, so it is a real pleasure for me to be able to see all the drawings in one space at the same time.

The title Trace is not only descriptive of the act of making the drawing, the track or line left by my pen as its builds up the drawing, but also describes the minimal marks which record something that has previously existed, in this case the shadow of a rock which was placed upon the paper as the origin of the drawing.

Deconstructing Wholeness 19   2016

Working in series, I set up a system of prescribed rules where my hand became the objective tool to create the drawings. I was not focused upon an end result before I started, instead I let the system run until it was completed, and the drawing finished.

For all the drawings in this exhibition I have used humble pieces of Chert as the origin of the shadows which my set processes then explore further. These are common and unremarkable stones found in the fields close to my studio.

This series of drawings continues my fascination with rock as the material and conceptual backbone to my practice. It is a direct tool I use to create my work and by drawing it, in differing ways, I attempt to deepen my understanding of the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human, as a means of understanding our relationship with impermanence.

Deconstructing Wholeness 13   2015

10am-5pm Monday - Saturday
19 May - 30th June
Kevis House Gallery
Lombard Street
West Sussex
GU28 0AG
T: 01798 215 007


Forthcoming Exhibition

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10th April

IMG 8987.JPG

Great to see my forthcoming exhibition Trace, advertised in the Spring issue of the RA Magazine.

IMG 8986.JPG

Trace will run from 19 May - 30 June at Kevis House Gallery, Petworth.


Landmark is Mad

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20th February

A few weeks to go until the public inquiry for the planning appeal of Ascendant: The Elizabeth Landmark, and the Times has caught wind of it. Actually rather a balanced article!

Times 2

Meet the Artist

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16th December

Simon Hitchens Portrait

Every now and then I put pen to paper and galvanise my thoughts into words. Being a material smith rather than a word smith, this doesn't happen very often, so I'm always pleased when promoted to sharpen my saw by providing text for an article.

I'm delighted to have had an opportunity to do just this with the Friends of the RWA in their online magazine The Floating Circle.

You can read the full article here.


Beyond Ourselves

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14th November

Beyond Ourselves logo

I'm delighted to be showing again with Anima Mundi Gallery, in the online exhibition Beyond Ourselves. Formed during the second national lock down and in response to it, this exhibition takes a broad but well curated look at artists whose focus is currently engaged with notions of otherness or that which has an expansive quality to it.

Simon Hitchens Day Drawing 2   Anima Mundi

I'm delighted to be able to exhibit a durational day drawing I made earlier this year. It was made between sun rise and sun set. The images underneath the artwork itself shows the intense process of its making and I believe speak for themselves.

Exhibition dates: 14/11/20 - 02/1/21

Simon Hitchens   drawing   sunrise 2
Simon Hitchens   drawing   noon
Simon Hitchens   drawing   sunset 2

Wilderness for the Mind

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11th June

WAC Wilderness of the Mind flyer 2 6

I'm delighted to be part of this online exhibition with fellow members of the Wilderness Art Collective. "A non-profit organisation run by volunteers — a group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists whose work discusses the natural world."

This exhibition was borne from the cancellation of an exhibition due to the Covid 19 lock down measures and the subsequent sense of isolation we all felt in our inability to immerse ourselves within the wild for soulful reward. It is a broad church of disciplines, but centred on each members' need to engage with the wild as a core part of their artists practice.

I am pleased to be showing two rock/flesh works and my immersive film Genesis.

Live Opening Event streamed on Facebook and Wilderness Art Collective Youtube channel: Thursday 11th June 7-8pm

Exhibition runs online: 12 June - 3rd July.


Ode to a Nightingale

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25th April

instagram pic 1

I am delighted to be included in ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ at animamundigallery which opens from 25/4 - 1/6.

Simon Hitchens    A certain reciprocity 1   2

This major online exhibition offers a mixed selection of works, which withhold within them a complimentary, liminal, mystery to Keats’s all too pertinent masterpiece.

Simon Hitchens    A certain reciprocity 4   1

Featured Artists : Massimo Angei, Simon Averill, Kristoffer Axen, Sarah Ball, Samuel Bassett, Harriet Bell, Trevor Bell, Paul Benney, Jim Carter, Mat Chivers, Kate Clark, David Cooper, Phoebe Cummings, Andrew Hardwick, Rebecca Harper, Youki Hirakawa, Simon Hitchens, Henry Hussey, Sax Impey, Harminder Judge, Arthur Lanyon, Andrew Litten, Alastair Mackie, Kate McGwire, Jamie Mills, Richard Nott, Si On (formerly Hyon Gyon), Eeva Peura, Michael Porter, John Robinson, James Seow, Tim Shaw, Roger Thorp & Jess Leroy Smith, Joy Wolfenden Brown, Evelyn Williams and Carlos Zapata.


Speed of Thought

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8th November

Simon Hitchens . 05.57 18.4028.03.19ST252148

I'm delighted to be exhibiting this day drawing in a fascinating exhibition which explores how drawing is important across a range of creative practices, not just the visual arts. Drawing serves as a touchstone to the more unconscious side of our creativity and consequently is often a key into the heart of creative productivity, and even humanity.

This series of drawings are made by drawing rock shadows created by direct sunlight between sunrise and sunset. They are intense meditations on the nature of being: durational, expansive and exploring the transience of human life.

This exhibition, beautifully curated by Hand & Young, sits scientists next to artists, musicians next to architects. It is only open for a short time, but is well worth visiting.

Private view Thursday 14th November 6-8.30pm
On Thursday 21st, I and a number of fellow exhibitors will be giving practitioners talks: 6-8pm.

11am - 5pm
15th Nov - 24th Nov
Newington Gallery (part of Art Academy London)
155 Walworth Road
SE17 1RS


RWA Open 167

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27th September

Simon Hitchens . Deconstructing Wholeness 22
Simon Hitchens . Deconstructing Wholeness 21

I'm pleased to be showing two drawings in this years open exhibition. Part of my Deconstructing Wholeness series, these take shadows of rocks as their starting points and then prescribed rules dictate where I draw the lines. The final outcome is always unknown until it arrives, and inevitably throws up further thoughts and questions worth exploring in the next drawing.

The RWA is a great national gallery and this show in particular has a broad and interesting rage of work on view, particularly the black and white room, which also exhibits sculpture.

Tues-Sat - 10am - 5.30pm
Sunday - 11am - 5pm
Monday - closed
Royal West of England Academy
Queen’s Road,
Clifton, Bristol
T: +44 (0)117 973 5129


Animate - Inanimate

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20th July

More than Human 4

I am delighted to be exhibiting this work in the Royal Society of Sculptors' Summer Exhibition. Selected by Greville Worthington (Chair for the Board of Trustees for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park), it is part of a series called More Than Human.

This uncanny union between rock and flesh, continues my fascination with the interconnectedness between the human and non-human, as a means of exploring our relationship with impermanence; what passes and what outlasts. In the age of the Anthropocene, how we comprehend the geological world and the flesh world as united, interconnected even, seems a pertinent question.

22nd July - 14th September
Mon-Fri: 11am-5pm
Sat: 12-5pm

Royal Society of Sculptors
Dora House
108 Old Brompton Road
South Kensington

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