Lines of Empathy

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 05:16PM
Group Exhibition

31 January 2023

06.57 Bankend 19.16   Simon Hitchens 55 2

Curated by Giulia Ricci, this group exhibition of 17 artists who draw on paper, is accompanied by an in-depth book of research by the same name. The exhibition and book explores and interrogates what it means to draw: cognitively, physically, perceptually, intellectually and emotionally.

It's a rich and unusually in-depth interrogation into drawing. As processed based and durational drawings are part of my practice, this has been a rewarding opportunity, to put pen to paper about so many different aspects of what it takes to make one of these drawings. Its also a privilege to show alongside so many interesting fellow artists: Fay Ballard | Duncan Bullen | Lucinda Burgess | Helen Cass | Rachel Duckhouse | Mary Griffiths | Simon Hitchens | Louise Hopkins | Carali McCall | Onya McCausland | Anna Mossman | David Murphy | Peter Peri | Kathy Prendergast | Giulia Ricci | Wendy Smith | Kate Terry

Dates: 2 - 25th February 2023
Venue: Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
11 Church Street
London, NW8 8EE
Open 12-5pm Wednesday - Saturday