Installation Choreography

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 09:23AM
Outdoor Sculpture, Private Commission

19th April 2016:
Yesterday saw the installation of a 'small' granite sculpture for a private client in Wimbledon. Normally this would not be of much note, but I think it worth mentioning as the installation was a real challenge, given that I couldn't get any powered lifting machines to help - 'just' a super efficient helper called Duncan.
Rolling the 1700kg. forms round the house, down steps and into the garden location went like clockwork. In fact the size, weight and material of the sculpture were all carefully considered, knowing the route through the garden to the final installation site. These are often unthought of aspects of making and installing a sculpture, particularly when it sits successfully in its final location as if it has been there for years, but they are all part of the back story for the creation.
And of course a dry day is most welcomed.