Beyond Body

Friday, April 22, 2022 at 12:56PM
Solo Exhibition

Simon Hitchens   More than Human 1   small

Solo exhibition - Beyond Body
Preview Friday 29th April 6-8 pm.
Exhibition runs 30th April - 26th May

This exhibition takes the notion that there is the possibility of a state or being, sentient or otherwise, that is post-human and explores this through a comprehensive body of work which questions differences between animate and inanimate. By working directly with rock and morphing that with the human body, I present a series of hybrid works – uncanny and speculative beings which seek to re-conceive the human. These works become zoomorphic reformations that display strange living qualities, visceral unions between rock and flesh that comprehend the geological world and the flesh world as united.

These sculptures, paintings and drawings investigate the essence of the things we perceive – the physical, natural world and our place within it. They seek to understand the sublime qualities of rock: physically as the very earth that supports us and geologically as the almost ageless constant that resonates through time, giving perspective to our transient lives on this planet. They ask: what makes a being sentient? Is a mountain or stone a being? What is it to be a thing, and can a thing be without necessarily being human?

‘I am fascinated by the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human, what passes and what outlasts, as a means of exploring our relationship with impermanence.’

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