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Diaphanous Sculpture?

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11th June

GLASS - Work by Contemporary Artists

Quiet Core Dubai

I am delighted to be showing a number of my glass works in a group exhibition at Canary Wharf over the summer and invite you to join me at the private view on 19th June. The sculptures are part of a series I made a number of years ago using transparent materials to suspend translucent forms, which explore presence, absence and perception. With works ranging in scale from the small and intimate to the mulit-tonned, among the other artists exhibited will be Lilliane Lijn, Annie Cattrell, Julian Wild and Danny Lane.


Exhibition dates:
Monday 18th June - Friday 10th August
Open daily 7am-8pm
Free entry

Exhibition Tour with the curator Ann Elliott and a number of the artists:
Tuesday 3rd July, 6,30-7.15pm
Free, but please contact Canary Wharf Public Art Office to reserve a place.

One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB
T: 0207 418 2257

IMG 3955


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8th March
Known for its biennial festival of contemporary art made in response to the Isle of Portland, b-side never sleeps, holding events throughout the year at its project space - Outpost. This month at Outpost I will be showing my film Genesis, which explores ideas of what it is to be human and our relationship to the impermanence of life. To support the film I will also be showing new and experimental sculpture in wax and resin. These appear as rocks or cave-like voids, yet have a disturbing and uncanny similarity to flesh. There will also be drawings and works on paper, exploring further the theme of transience.

I will be talking about the work and the ideas behind it, at 7pm on Thursday 16th March, please come along. I'm afraid places are limited so you will need to book a free place HERE.
I shall also be at Outpost all day on 30th March if you wish to talk with me further about the work.

Touch Stones
16th March - 8th April
12pm - 5pm, Tues - Sat
77 Furtuneswell


Mountain Arts Festival

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Fallen Cairn

17th October
I am showing a number of sculptures and drawings at The Mountain Arts Festival in the Rheged Centre, Cumbria. This is a brilliant opportunity to view a wide ranging exhibition inspired by mountains and mountaineering. Artists such as Hamish Fulton will be exhibiting at the same time as lectures, discussions and workshops from eminent mountaineers such as Doug Scott, Chris Bonington and Catherine Destival. All profit goes direct to the charity Community Action Nepal

10am - 5.30pm
19 - 27 October
Rheged Centre
Redhills, Penrith
Cumbria CA11 0DQ


Mountain Arts Festival

Tags: Public Event, Exhibition

2nd November 2015:
The charity Community Action Nepal (CAN) is hosting the inaugural Mountain Arts festival this week end in aid of the Nepal earthquake appeal.

The event celebrates mountain culture and investigates what place mountains hold in our psyche. Along with fellow writers, artists, performers and poets I will be in conversation with the poet, critic and author Cherry Smyth about how mountains inform our respective creative practices. Our talk is at 1pm on Saturday the 7th. There is also an exhibition in which I will be showing my current artwork. Fellow exhibitors and panelists include: Hamish Fulton, Doug Scott, Chris Bonington and many others.

Venue: Rheged Centre, Cumbria, CA11 0DQ
T: 01768 868000
Talks and events run 10-5pm from 6th - 8th November
Mountain art exhibition runs 10-5 pm 6th - 12th November


New Art for Olympia

Tags: Group Exhibition, Public Event

15th June 2015:
I will be showing two works at the Olympia Fine Art & Antique Fair which runs from 18th - 28th June. Genesis: a minimal film who's title suggest accurately the films content and sold in a limited edition of high definition films. Limbo: a contemporary take on traditional landscape painting, utilising onyx and photography.

I will be exhibiting with Woodham-Smith Ltd, stand C19.
Daily 11am - 7pm except Thursday 25th which runs until 9pm.
The fair closes at 5pm on the last day, the 28th.

Press Release: Click here


National Sculpture Prize

Tags: Public Event, Outdoor Sculpture

14th October 2014:
Yesterday I, and two other artists, judged the winner of this year's National Sculpture Prize. This annual event is held at, and organised by, Broomhill Sculpture Gardens, where a shortlist of ten UK based sculptors are awarded a sum to make the sculpture they proposed at the beginning of the year. The ten sculptures then sit in the North Devon landscape for the duration of the Summer Exhibition. The sculptors need to manifest their design in durable materials, with the appropriate degree of craft, engineering skills and scale that will deliver a worthy sculpture.

We had a long morning walking around the sculptures, discussing their various merits and designs, and finally narrowed it down to a clear winner of the Prize, which will be announced in a few weeks time. The recipient of 'The Judges’ prize will receive £3,500. This piece then becomes part of the Broomhill Art and Sculpture Foundation collection. There is still time however, for the public to get involved and select their choice as to who should win the ‘Public Speaks’ prize, receiving £1,500. This title is given to the sculpture that receives the most public votes during the exhibition period, taking place both at Broomhill and online.

Below are a few images of the ten sculptures, but which in no way reflect the judges decisions to which one is the winner.


A Glorious Unveiling

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23rd September 2014
Yesterday, with the sun shining and the urban bustle of 375 Kensington High Street behind, I, the Executive chairman of St Edward Paul Vallone and the Mayor of RBK&C Councillor Maighread Condon Simmonds, collectively unveiled my latest public sculpture Glorious Beauty. Speeches were given in the Trinity House marketing sweat and then we all watched the veil fall, to reveal a piece of nature's raw beauty, a glacial erratic from North Wales.

It was a bold decision by St Edward to commission a sculpture which would be a direct continuation and development of my studio practice, but helped by the guidance of their art consultant, Ann Elliott, they were in good hands to make it.

Typically I source my rock from dimensional stone quarries around the world, where the virgin material is sawn or split from the quarry face in order that it isn't fractured in any way, making it ideal for the building industry or masons and sculptors alike. Unusually, I sourced this stone from a gravel quarry in North Wales. This was because having been tumbled around by glaciers during the last ice age, it had the soft weathered appearance I was after: not a sharp edged, man-made form fresh from a quarry, but an overtly organic, almost prehistoric standing stone type of form. The rock itself is actually a metamorphic mudstone called garnet amphibolite which was formed in Anglesea.

Interestingly, if the last ice age had been more vigerous, pushing the ice sheet further south, then the glacial moraine which was deposited to become a North Wales gravel quarry, may well have transported this very boulder to the heart of Kensington, where between the early C16th and mid C19th there were gravel pits supplying the builing of London's West End.

The man-made counterpoint to this beautiful glacial boulder is a digitally created, stainless steel, mirrored copy of the boulder. At first sight it is not particularly apparent, but through the process of scanning the boulder I was then able to flip the form, almost like turning it inside out, in order that the upper boulder, mirrored the lower. An intriguing series of processes and companies then followed in order that I ended up with the sculpture now sat on the pavement for all to see and touch, a sculpture which manifests both continuity and change:

1. Digital scanning of the original glacial boulder, then flipped in form.
2. New 'flipped' digital file given to CNC machine in Telford, to mill the final upper boulder form in high density polyurethane foam.
3. That foam boulder given to Castle Fine Art Foundry in Wales where a rubber mould was taken of the foam boulder.
4. A new wax boulder made from the rubber mould, exact in every detail to the stainless steel boulder that we see today.
5. The wax boulder cut into about fifteen pieces, each piece being individually invested in ceramic shells and given to a specialist stainless steel foundry in Birmingham.
6. The fifteen or so pieces taken back to Castle Foundry where the jigsaw of pieces were welded back together, in the correct formation. Then followed weeks if not months of fettling, grinding and sanding in order to get rid of the welding lines so that it appeared as a single, solid cast boulder.
7 Then back to Birmingham to an electro polishers, which make stainLESS steel become stainPROOF steel.
8. Then to a designated stainless steel hand polisher in Dudley.
9. And finally to my studio where I had to accuratly drill the stone in order to receive a huge solid s/s rod which fixes the two boulder securely together, and general test fitting, before being installed on site a couple of years after I was originally given the contract.

So there's the back story of what, to me at least, appears as a poetic sculpture, with a calm gravity of presence, that will enhance the public realm at the busy junction of Warwick Road and Kensington High Street.

Top image courtesy of photographer Ann Purkiss

Open Studio and Talk

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7th September 2014
In conjunction with Somerset Art Weeks I will be opening my studio and showing my latest work in its gallery. When deciding to open my studio (for the first time since building it) at the beginning of the year, I had no idea what I would like to exhibit, but was focused on experimenting with new ideas and possibly materials, as a challenge to myself and my work. As the months rolled out I found my interests both broadening and yet galvanising, and I'm now keen to see how the new work looks when exhibited, and what response it will get from its audience - not least a film piece which is certainly a new medium for me. As part of this experiment I shall also be giving a talk which will focus on my fascination with rock, in all aspects of my life, not just my work. This is possibly more of a gamble than exhibiting new work for the first time, but I'm fired up about bringing it all together on the night.

I think the text for the SAW brochure sums it all up pretty well:
'An experiment in form, material and thought: a sculpture installation centred on rock and the position it holds in our psyche. From pebbles to mountains, from deep time to now: a quest to find a balance between contemporary art and the sublime beauty of the natural world.'

Studio open: 11am - 6pm, Thursday - Sunday, 25th September - 5th October.
Talk 6.30 pm Saturday 4th October - no booking required.

Address: Croft Studio, Pound Lane, Buckland St Mary, Chard, Somerset, TA20 3SN mb: 07941 650164

Art Room Auction

Tags: Group Exhibition, Public Event, Studio Practice

7th June 2014:
I have been supporting The Art Room charity for many years now, donating new art works made specifically for their auctions. Its a valuable event for me, because not only to I get to support a fantastic charity that makes real and lasting changes in young peoples lives, but it always challenges my regular studio practice in unexpected and valuable ways, by making something which I other wise would have not. This year is a slight change to the auction format, in that The Art Room is holding an exhibition of the sixty or more art works, in the Threadneedle Space at The Mall Galleries. The exhibition is titled 'face time' I have made trace drawings, of stone, at the twelve points of the hour.

Threadneedle Space
Mall Galleries, SW1 (near Trafalgar Square)
10am - 5pm daily
16 - 21 June
Admission free

National Sculpture Prize

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8th February 2014
Simon is soon to be judging the finalists for this years Broomhill National Sculpture Prize (NSP). First launched in 2009, this prize allows emerging sculptors the chance to firm up their skills at creating sculpture for the outdoors: thoughts on maintenance, durability, structural stability, 'Health & Safety' etc. are all concerns which need to be addressed when making sculptures for the public realm, and sculpture designed for the outdoors. This prize provides a valuable testing ground for tomorrow's Public Sculptors.

Aimed at new and emerging UK based sculptors, a short-list of ten (announced 3rd March) will be given the chance to make their proposed sculpture, which is then exhibited at the Broomhill Sculpture Park, in the annual summer exhibition. There will be two winners announced in October: one chosen by the public and the other by the judges.

For further information please click on this link

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