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Elizabeth Landmark Press Articles

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31st August

The news that my design for the Elizabeth Landmark has won the commission, has been kicking up some excitement in the press. Here's a couple for starters...
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Simon Hitchens   Elizabeth Landmark press

Artnet news


Newcastle Chronicle

The Chronicle

Major British Landmark Sculpture

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29th August

I am thrilled to announce that I have won a major public sculpture commission to be sited in the raw beauty of Northumberland. This 55 metre contemporary sculpture celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's service to country and her life-long dedication to The Commonwealth.

Simon Hitchens - Elizabeth Landmark sculpture - car park view

The Elizabeth Landmark will become a new cultural destination on the Ray Estate and in the north of England, benefiting the local community and economy by being a catalyst for regeneration.

Simon Hitchens - Elizabeth Landmark sculpture - zoom

Made from Corten weathering steel, this elevated slice of hillside has been inspired by the rugged and undulating landscape in which it sits. The elegant and robustly engineered aerodynamic form references the rich history of local iron ore and stone mining. Lateral fins which change in pitch and frequency as they rise up the sculpture accentuate the sense of perspective and movement, creating contrasting shadows along its 85 metre length.

Simon Hitchens - Elizabeth Landmark sculpture - Rock Slot

Directly shaped by the topography of the hill, the delicately arched form would completely disappear if placed back into the hill beneath. The carved space left in the hillside below, which has given rise to the positive sculpture above, forms a canyon-like rock slot. To walk this from end to end will be to experience the geology of the local landscape: a walk through Deep Time itself.

Simon Hitchens - Elizabeth landmark sculpture - Concept Sketch

The specific topography of Cold Law hill in Northumberland has directly informed not just the sculpture and the rock slot, but also the circumnavigating system of paths, which allow ever changing perspectives of the sculpture whilst walking around it. Like a reverse giant gnomon of a sundial, the sculpture points directly to the sun at its zenith on Midsummer’s day.

Simon Hitchens studio portrait 2

"To have the opportunity to design a landmark sculpture to be placed in this raw and beautiful landscape is undoubtedly a privilege and a challenge that I wholeheartedly relish. The success of the sculpture will grow from a sensitivity to land and place: born in form, material and presence from the majestic geography that supports it."


Rolling press reports

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My commission proposal for a major landmark sculpture in Northumberland, along with the two other shortlistees, is unsurprisingly gaining a fair bit of interest within the press. Here are a few of the articles I've spotted over the past couple of days - please click on the title link in bold:



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The Telegraph


BBC News


Metro News

Plus, a nice mention on page 4 of The Telegraph broadsheet yesterday.


The Elizabeth Landmark

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2nd May

'North East sculpture taller than the Angel of the North planned to honour the Queen' : read the article in the Newcastle Chronicle here

The Chronicle

RWA Academician

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Monday 11th January

I'm delighted to say that I have been elected an Academician at the RWA.

I was selected on the strength of the four works above, plus supporting documents and images.

Founded in 1844, it is one of the five Royal Academies of Art in the UK.


Art and Physics

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Monday 29th May

What an inspiration: Dr Sharon Ann Holgate has written a physics text book for undergraduate students reading STEM subjects and the arts. Its also a very accessible book for the lay reader, exploring aspects of physics, engineering and maths by using examples of art and in particular sculpture, to demonstrate how these principles are used in the real world.

I'm pleased to see my Kings Cross sculpture Unity adorning the covers and its engineering and design discussed within the chapters, along side my Kensington sculpture Glorious Beauty. For example, she discusses the importance of the underground fixing points: these are always unseen within the finished sculpture, but are vital for the security and structural integrity of the work and consequently much engineering goes into the design and fabrication of these hidden elements. Bravo


10 Public Sculptures

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20th April
After months of hard work I finally have this publication in my hands - and it feels good, really good.

10 Public Sculptures showcases my work dotted around the country in a beautiful designed book. Its layout is clear and descriptive with powerful images of my sculptures within the public realm. It has a super introduction by Anne Elliott and an brilliant contextualising essay by Tom Flynn in the centre. There is all the usual information about what, how, when, where etc. alongside a visual story line of two of the sculptures.

Very much celebrating my larger public work, which complements my studio based practice and gallery explorations, I had a pretty clear idea what I wished the book to do commercially. So it was a joy and an education to work with the design company Antman who held my hand through the subtle process of design layout, choice of stock, image selection and text, all of which achieves the design brief whether you give it a quick three second flick through, or a longer in-depth read. There's something gorgeous about its rubberised covers which make you want to keep hold of it.

To view a high res. pdf of the book click this link...
(please be patient with download as file is 83MB)

10 Public Sculptures - Hitchens.pdf



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3rd March
The photographer Anne Purkiss, with whom I have worked on a number of projects, has just published a book titled Sculptors. Its quite an extraordinary record of her intimate photography of sculptors over the past thirty years, and I'm pleased to say that I have a few pages within the book. She managers to capture those often unseen moments of sculptors in their studios, portraits which show us another side to the person.

She cannily launched the book at the opening for Tony Cragg's exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where she has an exhibition of photographs from the book. Th exhibition can be viewed at the YSP Centre Upper Space until the 4th June. Click HERE for further details.



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1st March
I'm thrilled to have one of my drawings on the cover of EVOLVER magazine, the bi-monthly arts magazine for the South West of England. The drawing is one from the Deconstructing Wholeness series and can, coincidentally, be seen at Touchstones, my show with b-side at their new project space Outpost.


The Guardian Culture Professionals Network

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24th February 2014
Following on from the success of Transition Point, sited at The Leys school in Cambridge, Simon has just posted an article about the value of Public Art in schools nationwide. The widely read Culture Professionals Network at The Guardian is a superb site offering comment on all aspects of creativity which effect us today. "When it comes to education, that which cannot be measured is viewed with suspicion – but emotional and cultural literacy are what help us make sense of the world"...... To read the article and view more of this important site, please click here: Culture Professionals Network