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RWA Secret Postcard Auction

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30th April

Every now and again I give works to creative charities and I'm delighted to say that I have made a new work for this year's RWA Secret Postcard Auction. This is an important revenue source for the self founded RWA and it is always a joy to see so many artworks by well known and lesser known artists, lined up anonymously.

It offer buyers a chance to purchase unique works of art for as little as £40, by some of the countries leading artists such as: Anish Kapoor, Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley, David Nash, Ana Maria Pacheco, Gilbert & George, Susan Derges, etc.

As it is a secret auction, I can not place an image of my drawing here, so am showing you another recent drawing instead.

The live event takes place on 16th May 6-9.30pm at RWA Bristol

For further information, click HERE

Please go and view the all the cards on exhibition from 3rd - 15th May, as well as the current Sculpture Open exhibition which I have a work in, at:
Royal West of England Academy
Queen's Road
T: 0117 973 5129

RWA Sculpture

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IMG 1939

12th March

Yesterday was challenging yet rewarding: I spent it with two colleagues at the RWA in Bristol, slowing woking out how best to structure a cohesive sculpture exhibition from the 80-90 sculptures that we had selected a number of weeks before, for the RWA Sculpture Open.

Challenging because when I arrived in the morning, the galleries looked as per the image above - an almost chaotic placement of sculpture which had been delivered by the artists over the previous two days. Having a vision for how best to 'hang' the work was the starting point, followed by a lot of moving pieces around the galleries again, and again, until at the end of the day there seems to be the framework of a cohesive looking exhibition. Today I couldn't be there to continue the work of hanging and placing, so I'm keen to se how it all looks at the private view this Friday evening.

Rewarding because its a total privilege to see so many sculptures one room, with so much artistic energy, craft and ideas galvanised into creative explorations of the three dimensional. I believe we have coordinated a good-looking show where sculptures talk to each other from across the room, or open up avenues for discussion because of how they are juxtaposed next to a different artists work.

Running on conjunction to the Sculpture Open is an exhibition of Gaudier-Brzeska's work, and a solo show by Ana Maria Pacheco.

Tuesday-Saturday: 10-5.30pm
Sunday: 11-5pm
Monday: Closed

RWA Bristol
Queen's Road,Clifton
Bristol,BS8 1PX
T: 0117 973 5129


RWA Open Exhibition

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7th October

I will be showing two new sculptures in the RWA 166th Annual Open Exhibition.
Continuing my theme of rock and body, mountain and flesh, transient and permanent, these three sculpture will be show for the first time at the RWA.

Exhibition runs:
7th October - 25th November
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5.30 pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

Royal West of England Academy
Queen's Road
T: 01179735129

Simon Hitchens   More than human 5 1

Diaphanous Sculpture?

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11th June

GLASS - Work by Contemporary Artists

Quiet Core Dubai

I am delighted to be showing a number of my glass works in a group exhibition at Canary Wharf over the summer and invite you to join me at the private view on 19th June. The sculptures are part of a series I made a number of years ago using transparent materials to suspend translucent forms, which explore presence, absence and perception. With works ranging in scale from the small and intimate to the mulit-tonned, among the other artists exhibited will be Lilliane Lijn, Annie Cattrell, Julian Wild and Danny Lane.


Exhibition dates:
Monday 18th June - Friday 10th August
Open daily 7am-8pm
Free entry

Exhibition Tour with the curator Ann Elliott and a number of the artists:
Tuesday 3rd July, 6,30-7.15pm
Free, but please contact Canary Wharf Public Art Office to reserve a place.

One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB
T: 0207 418 2257

IMG 3955

Faces of Sculpture

Tags: Group Exhibition, Indoor Sculpture, Exhibition

11th May

I'm delighted to be showing a work again at the Royal Society of Sculptors. This time as part of a photographic exhibition by Anne Purkiss titled Faces of Sculpture. Anne has been documenting sculptors and their work places for the past three decades and has an extraordinary collection of British sculptors in her archives ranging from Caro and Frink to Hirst and Whiteread. Out side the entrance to the Royal Society of Sculptors is Dame Elizabeth Frink's great head Memorian III.

My sculpture continues an investigation into the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human and is exhibited next to an image of me working a thirty tonne boulder in a Welsh stone quarry, four years ago.

14th May - 14th July
Mon-Fri 11am - 5pm
Sat 1pm - 5pm

Royal Society of Sculptors
108 Old Brompton Road
London SW7 3RA
0207 373 8615

Simon Hitchens   untitled
Frink lead image for exh 960 1210 s c1

Photo: Anne Purkiss



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30th April

Today was a good day, installing two sculptures: sun on my back, lifting tackle, rock, sculpture, machines, and helpful assistants. There's a job to be done, everything is thought through and it runs like clockwork, almost like a choreographed performance (well, perhaps thats pushing it a little). Whilst it is physically pretty hard and mentally taxing, thinking about every eventuality, it actually seems like a day off. I guess thats the wonder of working out of doors!

Installing at Cheeseburn

So now these two favourites pieces belong to the Northumbrian landscape, at Cheeseburn Grange. CG is a beautiful set of buildings set within stunning gardens which have the feel of a large country house, yet the scale and intimacy of a personal project. There is a fantastic variety of sculpture to be found, from large well crafted statements, to small and gentle interventions. Open for selected weekends over the summer - see below.

The Other I   Cheeseburn

Cheeseburn Grange
NE18 0PT

Open weekends:
May 19th/20th
May 26th/27th/28th
June 30th/July 1st
July 7th/8th
August 25th/26th/27th
September 1st/2nd


RWA Open Exhibition

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More than human #1  |  Rock, wax, resin  |  37 x 19 x 21 cm.  |  2017

Thursday 28th September

image: More than Human #1

I will be showing four works in the RWA Open this year, two of which have never been shown before - fresh from the studio!

These works are part of an ongoing investigation into the interconnectedness between rock and body, flesh and mountain, the natural wold. They are open-ended lines of enquiry within my studio practice - more proposition than closed statement or finished object.

Becoming Stone is rock-like in form, yet visceral and body-like in appearance. What appears to be made from muscle, sinew and fat, suggestive of discarded offal or body organs from a butchers shop, is in fact pigmented wax painted directly on top of stone - rather like growing a skin of living organs over the inanimate endoskeleton underneath. The displaced rock cast of The Flesh of the World #3 suggests flesh or growing matter searching out new life. It hangs in space like a sublime, ethereal rock creature with a wounded resilience that is unnerving and threatening, yet at the same time inviting, sensual and beautiful. These are qualities also found in More Than Human #1 and A Certain Reciprocity, which specifically concern themselves with the nature of being and our relationship to the physical world.

1 Oct - 3rd Dec
Tue – Sat: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Sun: 11.00am – 5.00pm
Mon: Closed
Queen’s Road


Edible Art?

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Thursday 11th May
On Sunday the 21st May, Hestercombe Gallery will be hosting an unusual culinary art delight - Buffet d'Art. Running in conjunction with the gallery's current exhibition programme, Buffet d'Art will showcase an array of artists work in bite size pieces.

Loosely based on the theme of a buffet, in the sense of offerings and placement of the complementary works, its running plinth will occupy the room's space completely. Buffet d'Art's first outing was at Meinblau Gallery Berlin, and was subsequently unleashed at Ambika P3 gallery in London last November. Each time the Buffet takes on a new assemblage of offerings to delight the connoisseur.

My offering for the Hestercombe Gallery buffet will be a new work titled A Pound of Flesh. The work continues themes I'm exploring at the moment to do with transience and the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human. Perhaps looking like sweetmeats, they are an uncanny union between rock and flesh.

Please come and sample the delights of the exhibition:

21 May- 18 June
11am - 5pm
Hestercombe Gardens
Cheddon Fitzpaine
01823 413923


Drawing selected for RWA

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31st March
I am delighted to have my drawing Deconstructing Wholeness 19 hung at the RWA biennial drawing exhibition Drawn 2017.

As the most basic form of human expression, drawing has an unparalleled history and this exhibition both celebrates and explores the boundaries of marks made by a wide range of interdisciplinary artists.

Drawing is very much part of my studio practice and this drawing is part of an ongoing series which explores different ways to perceive stone. A stone's shadow line is recorded and then ink lines are drawn, starting at right angles to the very place that they intersect the shadow line: a process is set and my hand simply becomes the tool which delivers the result.

Drawn 2017
1 April - 4 July
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 11pm – 5pm
Monday Closed
Open Bank Holiday Mondays

Queen’s Road,
Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1PX
+44 (0)117 973 5129


Mountain Arts Festival

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Fallen Cairn

17th October
I am showing a number of sculptures and drawings at The Mountain Arts Festival in the Rheged Centre, Cumbria. This is a brilliant opportunity to view a wide ranging exhibition inspired by mountains and mountaineering. Artists such as Hamish Fulton will be exhibiting at the same time as lectures, discussions and workshops from eminent mountaineers such as Doug Scott, Chris Bonington and Catherine Destival. All profit goes direct to the charity Community Action Nepal

10am - 5.30pm
19 - 27 October
Rheged Centre
Redhills, Penrith
Cumbria CA11 0DQ

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